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Look Who's President is a fun board game where anyone 8 years or older can learn about the process of reaching the Oval Office. Your entire family and friends will travel throughout the U.S. in the Campaign trail on a motor coach bus.  Along the Campaign Trail there will be Scandals and Debates to determine who will be the first player in the Primaries.  Once in the Primaries, your goal is to be the first player to gain the required delegates in order to move into the General Elections.  In the Primaries, you will visit Conventions, Caucuses and - you might even see a Super Tuesday! The last phase of Look Who's President is the General Elections.  If you are lucky enough to get into this phase, you are competing to be the first player to become the President of the United States.  If you earn 270 electoral votes:  You will become the winner of the game and the President of the United States!  Exact rules are included in Look Who's President.  Order yours today! Thank you, Look Who's President.