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Here are some additional educational facts that you might not be aware of while playing Looks Who's President: -  Presidential candidate start their campaigns on the campaign trail getting contributions from donors just like in Look Who's President. While we have chosen a generic amount of $1 million, campaigns over the years have collected way-more than that amount. -  The next step in presidential campaigns are the primaries. The primaries are used for each political party (like Democrats or Republicans) to determine who will be the candidate to represent their party in the general elections.  There are more political parties than just the Democratic and Republican party, therefore we did not focus on the concept of political parties so we would not exclude any one political party from being unfairly represented. -  While playing Look Who's President in the Primaries, the order of the spaces actually do have some significance.  Iowa is historically where the first caucus is held.  Chicago has hosted close to the most amount of conventions compared to other cities in the U.S.  The first primaries historically have been held in the State of Florida.  Last of all, Puerto Rico can vote in the primaries but not in the general elections. -  The number of electoral votes for each State in the General Elections for Look Who's President are correct as of the most recent printing.  Thank you, Look Who's President.