Welcome Ever dream of becoming the President of the United States? Looks Who's President is a fun board game where anyone 8 years or older can learn about the process of reaching the Oval Office. Your entire family and friends can travel throughout the United States in a motor coach bus on the Campaign Trail, in the Primaries and in the General Elections, just like a real candidate for the U.S. Presidency.
Become President of the United States by playing against your family members and friends
Educational Facts While having fun you will learn in the Campaign Trail how to gain a Contribution for your campaign.  You could also run into a Scandal or win a Debate, or even get some positive Public Opinions.  In the Primaries you will learn how to collect delegates.  You could land on Convention or Caucus space and even be lucky enough to land on a Super Tuesday!  Last of all in the General Elections you could have to make an Executive Decision and learn how to earn enough electoral votes to become the President of the United States!
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